20" x 2" RISER (For 20" Drainage Box)


12"x6" RISER (For 12" Drainage Box)


20" x 3" RISER (For 20" Drainage Box)

20" x 2" RISER (For 20" Drainage Box)
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The riser for the 20” round drainage box comes with a gasket, and can be stacked on top of the box, and on top of each other. There are screw holes on the inside of the riser to attach it to the drainage box. Place it on the drainage box the same way you would for the grate, and screw it together. Screw the plastic grate on top or place the cast iron grate on top, and you’re all set.
  • Six screws (#10x1-1/2” stainless steel square drive)
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